An interior design and decorator company was founded at the turn of the millennium: Vegas, who specialise in Interior Design, Space Planning and Design Renovations services.

Creative Interior Design

A design solution begins with an idea in mind, something that conceives to the look and feel of a home the way you would like to be.

Home with Neutral Colors

Neutral colors such as black, white, gray, beige and ivory appear to be dull and monotonous. The undertones of color have tendency to variation and shades.

Living Room Ideas

Living room sets the tone for whole dwelling, neither comtemporary nor luxurious, it is more fun to decorate and often exciting but challenging.

Ceiling and Flooring

Neither the wooden floors nor concrete ceiling prevails the interior theme in our careful details to attune. We works down to the details.

Bedrooms With Artwork

Clients should feel free to buy the art they love and need no to worry about what it goes with. We plan the décor around the art that match client's requirements.

Artistic Condominium

Limited space, common layout and city living styles has become an issue to some who want to decorate their condo.


Landed Interior Design

Creating a landed interior design for a large home has never been an easy task. Biased against the conventional, Vegas envision a home with aesthetically pleasing and yet modern luxury lifestyle, giving homeowners and guests warmth and comfort.

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HDB Interior Design

HDB interior space planning posts the challenges to dwellers. With our Midas touch to the space optimization, we inculcate the personal living in a structured deployment of practical use of every available space on the wall, the corners, the ceiling.

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Condominium Interior Design

Homeowners will expect an overhaul on our condominium interior design projects. Vegas create a soothing, cozy home with independent sense of styles, Scandinavian, Urban Modern, Industrial, Behemian or Oriental.

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Commercial Interior Design

The personality of corporate image should be predominant and blend in our commercial interior design. The design communicates the corporate messaging, the feel and the brand identity. Vegas enhance the brand value through their office design and settings.

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Room Perspectives & Drawing

Vegas work with you to achieve the perfect balance of color, materials and decor to express just the right mood for your interior design space. Be it using paints or wallpapers, we ensure that your living / office interior is designed and catered to your lifestyle. This takes you a step closer to your dream home.

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Modern Exterior Design

Living patterns are elegant in all manners. Exterior design includes the facility like swimming pools, landscapes like garden design. Garden design and maintenance becomes eminent for homeowners with love of natures.

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