We are Vegas. Specialists in Interior Design, Space Planning and Design Renovation.

What makes us different?

As an award winning interior design and decorator company, Vegas is committed to bringing the best services to our clients. We are an accredited CaseTrust Interior Design company which proves our high level of accountability and transparency when it comes to our services for your renovation project. 

Vegas Interior Design Singapore is also accredited and certified by the Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association. We make sure our clients are well informed and getting what they are paying for as we take no shortcuts when it comes to selecting your building materials. 

Vegas also ensures that all our clients are protected as they will be insured by AVA insurance.

Trusted and Proven Services

Vegas has successfully gained trust from its customers by consistently leading innovative interior design. Our relentless focus on prompt, friendly services and the quality of deliverables to clients has made Vegas an industry benchmark. 

We strive to fulfil all your interior design requirements from conceptualization, planning and execution. Vegas aims to present a visually stunning and functional interior design with a unique living experience.

Our Space Creation Concept

We offer contemporary design with tastefully selected ergonomic interior that is coupled with cutting-edge technology. Topped with quality furnishing materials, we ensure that every component of your interior design production fits perfectly when it comes to the conceptualization process for your living and work space. 

Our completed projects range from landed properties, HDB apartments, condo units, and tiny loft studios that give new life with our new and innovative ideas and designs.



 How Do We Work?

With a combination of efficient project management and sharp precision, our interior design teams are committed even to the finest details of your design. 

Our team of highly skilled craftsmen and design crew are trained to build your custom designed living space with high standards of quality and finishing that will last a lifetime. 

What’s Next?

Vegas Interior Design Singapore has continued to expand and work in different industries as a result of numerous successful projects. We now offer commercial interior design, office space interior design, retail space interior design and residential interior design. 

Our home grown interior designers and consultants are proven industry favorites in Singapore. We will take projects of all sizes into consideration and provide professional advice for the best route of action.

From imagination to actualization, we are here to help you out.

Artistically Inspired